Maui Condo Rental at Maui Kamaole Condos, South Kihei,

And yet there is so much to the Kihei, Maui experience...


  Maui has every climate zone from sea level reefs to rain forest, to savannah, to temperate forests, to soundless Moon-scapes in 10,000 foot high volcanic craters.


 The beaches of Maui. Uncrowded. Always some lava and reef nearby as well as surf and sand. Here at Wailea beach, there are boat and board rentals and cocktail stands


The sun sets over the ocean here at Wailea Beach. Even at dusk, the water is plenty warm year-round for swimming or body surfing. Wailea beach, with its gentle grade and long sweeping waves, is the perfect children's starter beach.


  Looking toward Kihei at the base of 10,000 foot Haleakala (Maui Kam is at shoreline middle left.)


Sunrise from atop Haleakala is one of those unique Maui moments.


A rare sight: As the sun rises, the shadow of the cone of Haleakala falls onto the sea…and reveals the forbidden island of Kahoolawe.


Fishing is a big deal on Maui, although more for the eating than the trophies. Here at the dock in Lahaina, a boat's daily Mahi Mahi catch is coming ashore bound for local restaurants. Eating fish caught that very day is the norm in Maui.


A whale goes for a dive a mile or so off Kihei. Whale watching is a big activity near Kihei from December through March, with approximately 6,000 whales in Maui waters. The whales cruise right along the shore and, in season, can sometimes be seen from the Lanai at J-205.


Looking "Mauka," or inland from the sea, 10,000 ft Haleakala, "The House of the Sun" rises behind Maui Kamaole. J-205 is the condo at left where you see the glass doors on the Lanai.


The isolation of Hawaii makes the flora simpler and easier to learn than almost anywhere: you can learn to identify almost all the plants you see with a short tutorial from Maui Tropical Plantation!


 Every Sunday sunset, join the crowd at Little Beach for nude (optional) yoga chanting as the sun sinks into the Sea. Maui's one nude beach is very mellow and is pleasantly busy every day.


Wailea: What can one say? Golf, up-scale shopping, beaches, reefs, lava, grand resorts, zillion dollar homes, and tropical landscaping. Maui Kamaole is at far left.


Among the interesting sites of Maui, a temple complex with the largest metal Buddha outside of Japan


Maui has lots of festivals and get-togethers. Here is the famous Children's Halloween Parade, which is followed by an all-night Mardi Gras type of celebration for the adults.


Whatever your spiritual beliefs, try a Sunday service at gentle Makena looking out over the reef from one of the oldest churches in Maui (1832). 10 minutes by car, Sundays 7 and 10AM.


Gathering at the end of the day at Kamaole III beach across the street from J-205


And of course, there are many more things to see out and about in Maui...


Try a plane ride, and look at the West Maui Mountains: You can actually climb that nearest peak (4,300 ft). The crest is a rainforest full of wild pigs and philodendron the size of VW’s!


Looking down at “Jaws”, one of the most difficult wind-surfing spots in the world. Last winter the waves went to 60 feet. But as the locals say,  “Eddie would go.”


The Sun rises over Lanai island, with Haleakala and Maui just behind your Mahi Mahi trolling lines…


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